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Sunrise Water Storage Tanks

Rajaram Polymers is a partnership firm engaged in manufacturing Sunrise plastic storage tanks for over 15 years. Rajaram Polymers manufactures Sunrise branded plastic water storage tanks in the capacities ranging from 200 ltrs to 5000 ltrs in different designs as well as different colours viz, Cylindrical vertical tanks, Horizontal tanks and Open top multipurpose tank. We have over 150 dealers network spread across Karnataka. Sunrise produces high-quality durable water tanks made with premium LLDPE plastic which is safe and durable. The tanks are available in various sizes with multiple layers and different shapes for multiple types of usages.

Satisfied Customers

Manufacturers of Durable and Robust Water Tanks

Choose the perfect water tank from a wide array of options that suit your needs. We ensure all products are of high quality. Also all products come with great warranty durations.

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About Rajaram Polymers

Rajaram polymers is a manufacturer specialized in making water storage tanks under the brand name Sunrise Tanks. Safe water is a basic need and in today’s pollution-prone environment, the hygiene of water is essential, during summer we care about everything except the water scarcity typical of the time. There are few locations where the volume and pressure of water is insufficient which is why it is so important to have water storage tanks. Sunrise water tanks deliver heigh standards tanks at a reasonable cost. The triple-layer plastic storage tanks are made from LLDPE in the capacity of 200 to 5000 litres in four different colours. Rajaram polymers have pioneered in designing and developing one of its first kinds of “open top multipurpose tanks” to cater to different applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The total number of layers aids in distinguishing between various types of water tanks. Plastic Water Tanks are labelled as safe for various applications. They are extremely long-lasting and resistant to rust and corrosion. Plastic water tanks are categorised into multiple levels based on the needs and requirements of the users. Mould and algae buildup in overhead water storage tanks is a common concern in any Indian household; having numerous tiered tanks helps combat this problem. Sunrise tanks are available.

There are various factors to consider when purchasing water tanks, from its capacity to the material used, from the colour to the shape, and from the number of layers to the protection it gives. When it comes to water storage, the first thing to consider is the tank’s capacity. This is totally dependent on the amount of individuals who use water for all of their daily requirements, including drinking, cooking, cleaning, and washing. Storage tanks come in a variety of forms.

All sunrise overhead water tanks are developed with the customer’s needs and uses in mind, including home, commercial, and industrial. The sunrise overhead water tank line includes tanks with many levels (3-4 layers), colours, and sizes. sunrise has been named a Superbrand in the area of water storage tanks. Each water tank is subjected to stringent quality control inspections, resulting in a tank that is stronger and more robust, allowing the company to maintain its position as the top water tank brand.

While there are many possibilities, plastic is the ideal material for water tanks. These tanks are non-corrosive and long-lasting since they are constructed of polyethylene. The best thing is that, unlike metal and concrete tanks, plastic tanks do not rust or corrode. Plastic tanks are light, non-corrosive, and simple to transport and install. Plastic tanks are more robust than concrete tanks in the long term because of their flexibility.